Savegre River declared as a Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO

By: Andrea Víquez

The Savegre River is an area rich in bio diversity, with more that 65 endemic flower species. The area hosts 20% of the flora, 54% of the mammals and 59% of the birds of Costa Rica.

Approximately three months ago, the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco) declared our Savegre River as a Reserve of the Biosphere.

A reserve of the biosphere are designated to promote a sustainable development that considers both the community and nature.

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This process is done by promoting conservation of the biodiversity, a participatory dialogue in the community, exchange of knowledge and respect to the cultural values of the habitants.

The basin of the Savegre River includes the cantons of Dota, Tarruzu, Perez Zeledon and Quepos.  Its habitants work mainly in agriculture, cattle industry, tourism, and coffee plantations, achieving a strong commitment with the protection of water resources.

At the same time, the hoteliers of the area, along with the President of the country, signed an agreement to reject the use of plastic straws, and to reduce the use of plastic in general.

As part of its sustainable projects, since 2014 Trogon Lodge has received the “Ecological Blue Flag award”, in the micro-basin category. Besides, has established new procedures like eliminating the use of plastic straws and instead using bamboo straws and removers.

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These initiatives are part of an ample sustainable program implemented by Trogon Lodge, that Works both internally with this coworkers as well as with the visitors. If you wish to learn more about our sustainable practices please visit our website, where you will find a whole section about this subject.

Little by little, huge changes are made!