During your stay with us, you can take and enjoy one of our different daily tours available at an extra cost. Please coordinate this directly at the front desk of the Lodge. All tours have a minimum of operation of 2 people. Tours can be booked directly at the Lodge

 We offer several tours and activities for you to choose from.



Quetzal Quest

Our signature tour! San Gerardo de Dota is home to a large population of one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas, the Resplendent Quetzal. From the Trogoniade Family and sacred bird to the ancient indigenous cultures, Quetzals have a peaceful and tranquil living in the area and reside here year round. The climate and good amount of food (Aguacatillo tree) provide a great habitat for these birds.  

Join our local guide for coffee, before departing at 6:00 am on a quest to find Quetzals. Our guide, will lead the tour to try and spot one/some Quetzal (s) for you.  With its metallic green plumage, crimson breast and bell and its incredible streamer-like feathers, watching a male Quetzal in its magical fly, is a unique, breathtaking experience.

Depending on season, tour may depart directly from the Lodge or may require transportation to a nearby location. (Transportation included in price).  

Return to the Lodge at 8:00 am for breakfast.

Difficulty: Mild

What to bring: Make sure to bring a good jacket, raingear, walking/comfortable shoes and camera and binoculars. 


Birdwatching Tour

San Gerardo de Dota offers excellent opportunities for bird watching. More than 170 bird species have been identified in the area so far, including Tanagers, Black Guans, Flycatchers, Hummingbirds (Colibri), Trogons, Emerald Toucanet and Sparrows, among many others.  Tour can be arranged in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on guides availability and guests preferences. 

Depending on season and weather conditions, tour may depart either from the Lodge or may require transportation to a departure point. Tour is available with our without transportation (in case clients have their own method of transportation). 

Difficulty: Mild

What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes, light jacket/windbreaker, hat, sun block, raingear, camera and binoculars. 

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Paramo Tour

The “Paramo” is a unique highland area that develops in altitudes higher than 3,000 meters above sea level (9,840 feet approx.); an ecosystem that develops in the summits with its singular flora and fauna. In Costa Rica, the Paramo is located mainly along the Talamanca Mountain Range, especially Cerro de la Muerte, Chirripo, Kamuk, Buena Vista and Cerro Vueltas. This tour will take you to the Paramo at Cerro de la Muerte, at an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level (10,800 ft) to discover, with your tour guide, the variety of birds and plants that reside here. 

Departure is from the Lodge, and transportation is required as drive will be up to the summit, where the tour will develop. In case customer has his own car, tour can be offered without transportation costs. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Good physical conditions required.


Cerro de la Muerte Hike 

A hike for the adventurous! We will drive up from the Lodge to the peak of the mountain in the area of Cerro de la Muerte and dropped off here. Hike will start at the highland, and will go down 10.5 kilometers (6.5 miles) down to Savegre area. Along the way, enjoy observing plant and bird species.


Depending on the conditions of the terrain, the tour can be changed and offered as a climb instead of a descent. This will be decided by the guide at the moment and will be discussed with the participants, if appropriate.

Participants are required to be inexcellent physical conditions and have hiking experience. 

What to bring: Good hiking/trail shoes, light jacket/windbreaker, hat, sunblock, walking stick, binoculars and camera

Participants must pay a reserve fee at Savegre not included in tour price.

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Terms & Conditions


  • Some tours are offered with a local "baquiano" or a tour guide. A baquiano is a person who knows the area perfectly, most probably born in the area, but is not a tour guide nor an English speaking person. He will lead the guide through the selected tour but will be able to perform as a tour guide. When selecting a tour, make sure to select the option that best fits your interest.